Chesterfield's Organic Demonstration Garden

Urgent Action

A call to action …  Inspire Community Garden

Dear Volunteers & Supporters of Inspire Community Garden

We have recently found that an application for planning permission has been submitted for a Mental Healthcare unit redevelopment of 6 Ashgate Road including the buildings and land all the way down to the edge of our current garden entrance.  The application can be found here.

The plans show that they intend to adjust the levels of the land such that a 2 metre high retaining wall will be built across the whole of the Southern boundary.  This will immediately block our access at the top of our garden causing us a number of problems with regard to maintaining the garden in its current form. We are not objecting to the building of a healthcare unit at all, our objection is to the total lack of consideration of the vehicle entrance to the community garden. This would mean that disabled visitors would not have easy access to the garden and deliveries to the garden would be extremely difficult. In effect this could cause the garden to close.

The trustees will submit an objection to the plan, however, if you wish to see the garden continue as a Community resource, we would appreciate you also submitting your objections through the online page of the Chesterfield Borough Council planning website found on the link above.

We greatly value the interest and support you have shown us and hope that we can rely on your ongoing support to help us retain what we believe to be a valuable Community resource. It is possible to post a short comment or to send a more detailed response by email to the Case Officer – Sarah Kay at Chesterfield Borough Council by email to:  

The official deadline for objections by post is 11th October 2018 but if sent by email all objections will be considered up to the date of the CBC Planning Committee meeting when this will be considered. No date has been notified yet when this will be.

Trustees of Inspire Community Garden
Registered Charity Number : 1169713