Chesterfield's Organic Demonstration Garden

The Plot (Blog)


After one day of working on the top one-third of the plot …

Please share your thoughts and ideas for discussion.

  1. Another working session on the plot on Sunday 22nd April from 10.00am. Please join us for the next physical workout!

    • would like to come and join you on Sunday, about 11am, how do you access the plot? gave up my plot 2 years ago it will be good to do an hour or so

      • Hi Pat,

        We’ll be on the plot from about 10am and you can enter from the footpath below or the car park at the top of the plot. It should be open at both ends!
        Look forward to meeting you!


  2. I’m coming on Sunday

  3. Certainly Cheaper than the Gym.

  4. This looks like something we should start from 🙂

    Wow! It’s a 2-acre farm, packed into a shipping container that doubles as a farm building

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