Chesterfield's Organic Demonstration Garden

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On Monday 10th December 2018 the Planning Application for 6 Ashgate Road, for which CBC had received approximately 76 objections relating to the closure of our access from the Ashgate Road car park, was conditionally approved following a split decision & the Chair having the casting vote.

Whilst this is extremely disappointing, the Trustees have decided that we should continue to use the existing access for as long as we have it and that we will undertake to explore every avenue to provide an alternative.  The access at the bottom of the plot will also start to become more important.

We need vehicular access for deliveries and for disabled visitors & volunteers, as well as being able to providing ongoing pedestrian access to the garden for both volunteering & for meetings.  We are working to find a solution for longer term public access for Open Days & Events.

We have taken the decision to have a full growing season at the existing site during 2019 and at the same time look for a new site to relocate to. Our access at the top of the garden will soon be closed and therefore access to the garden will be via the gate on the footpath below. Various parking options are available for access via the bottom gate on the foot/cycle path between Alexandra Road West and Chester Street.  The access code will be shared with those who use this entry route.

As soon as a new site for The Inspire Community Garden has been found we will begin to plan the moving of features and facilities over to the new space.

Finally, we thank you for your commitment & hard work that made 2018 our best & most productive year so far and we hope 2019 continues to see the garden progress.